Welcome to the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) Online Community. The CCNE Online Community website provides a centralized location for institutions and on-site evaluators to both access and provide information to CCNE. The community is not a social media site, and the information provided is used for the purpose of communicating with programs affiliated with CCNE, and for scheduling and confirming on-site evaluations. All information regarding the on-site evaluation is coordinated through the community.

CCNE highly recommends that you use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when working in the CCNE Online Community. While the website was designed to work in all internet browsers, some users do experience inconsistent functionality when using Internet Explorer.

If you are a chief nurse administrator the institution User Name begins with a lower case “i.”

If you also serve as a CCNE on-site evaluator, you have an additional User Name, which begins with a lower case “e.”

To change “roles” (i.e. to logout as a chief nurse administrator and then login as an on-site evaluator or vice versa), please logout and then login using the User Name and Password for the other role.

Please remember to maintain your User name(s) and Password(s) for your records. 

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